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Congratulations to our new Masters!
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Check out their awesome plots >>here<<

Winners get a 25$ store voucher
Artiste Rank
Their work will be showcased as Spawns for Mystic!

Mystic is also proud to announce another big update!

Read more about these ranks
and the new worlds you will find in /creative

Mystic is only a few weeks from its second birthday.
Our staff have worked very hard to ensure Mystic is not only special and unique, but one of the best servers minecraft has known.

The upper staff worked hard to put together something special for our players to have fun reading as well to help you get to know a bit more about the staff and Mystic and what makes us special. I want everyone to thank the staff when they see them, they help provide you this awesome server that most of you call 'home'

The staff team is truly a family and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank all my staff. We are giving them 25$ store voucher for them to kick back and relax this summer and have some fun with you all!

Read the Chat for yourself   >> Staff Chat <<

Long Live Mystic

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