This round of BattleRoyale was hosted on the Pyramid map, which unfortunately came with a few bugs that will be fixed for the next round of BattleRoyale.This round also brought to light many issues players have with the fairness of the event, which will be addressed at the end of this publishment.

Looking to restart his win-streak, Vasia_dk decimates the competition!
Vasia_dk is a very committed and consistent player on the factions server, and has worked tirelessly to increase his mcmmo skills, giving him the edge in BR. He earned himself the usual $30,000, 10 tokens and the BRChampion title. His new overpowered item is called the Gamma Ray Chestplate! Hosting the Hulk enchantment, it gives its wearer strength and resistance, but also slowness. This item makes the fourth Vasia_dk has won!

This round, second place went to a BattleRoyale v2. OG, HoneyBean_!
Through her decisive gamplay and strategic ability, HoneyBean_ has snagged the second place prize! Along with the normal monetary reward, HoneyBean_ took home The Demolisher! The Demolisher is a pickaxe that mines with a blast effect, similar to the Explosive Pickaxe on the main server!

This round had a massive showing of 10 players! Along with JellyBeans and SilverDragons filling the usual 3 person limit, there were one-man-teams from Team Mudkip and mojo!
Spoiler: PlayersShow

After the event, there was obvious dissatisfaction concerning the fairness of the event. Opinions were voiced, and as a result, the "Three person per faction" rule is being reduced to two persons per faction. Hopefully this change will be reflected positively during the next round of BattleRoyale.
Voice your opinions on forums if you want something changed.

On the brighter side of things, major developments are being made to BattleRoyale and the factions world, including the addition of lore, special prizes from mini-events, and a special event when the Winner's Floor becomes filled! Look forward to future improvement!
See you next Sunday (02.18.18) at the same time for more BattleRoyale!