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Bending /arena

Bending in Mystic Empire Minecraft Server is a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone, without any Avatar or Pay-to-Win elements. The plugin offers BloodBending and other extras for free, making it accessible to all players. To change your element, you simply need to vote, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to explore different elements and playstyles.

Our bending system also includes a variety of exciting features such as element maps, tournaments, and non-bending minigames. Plus, there's a Hall of Fame to recognize the top players in the game.

With no unfair advantages or obstacles, Mystic Empire's bending is the perfect way to master the elements and explore the world of Minecraft. Join us today and see for yourself!

Main Arena


Group Duel


1v1 Duel


Ai Training


Earth Arena


Air Arena


Fire Arena


Water Arena


Sprirt Bending


Chi Bending


Survival Games


Avatar Minigame

hosted by staff

Towny /survival

Towny is a Minecraft plugin with slimefun that allows players to create and manage their own towns. With customizable features and the ability to engage in battles with other towns, it's a great way to build a sense of community and enhance your Minecraft experience.

  • Avatar RPG  /b ch element
  • Spawn  /warp towny
  • Dynmap  /dynmap hide
  • Art Map  /art map
  • /rtp   /Fly
  • Brewery  /brewery
  • McMMO  /mcmmo
  • Jobs  /jobs browse
  • Player Market  /warp market
  • Slimefun itemshop  /sfshop
  • Item Shop  /itemshop
  • Token Shop  /token shop
  • Custom Ranks  /ranks 

Slimefun /sf

Slimefun is a plugin that adds new items, weapons, and machines to Minecraft, providing a unique and exciting gameplay experience. In Mystic Empire Minecraft Server, Slimefun is available in both Towny and Skyblocks, allowing players to create and experiment with new gadgets and tools. With Slimefun, you can automate processes, build advanced structures, and explore new possibilities. Join us and dive into the world of Slimefun in Mystic Empire's Towny and Skyblocks game modes!

  • /sf guide: Opens the Slimefun guidebook, which provides information on all the available items, weapons, and machines.
  • /sf research [player] [id]: Gives a specific Slimefun research to the specified player.
  • /sf give [player] [id] [amount]: Gives a specified Slimefun item to the specified player.
  • /sf recharge [player]: Recharges all the electric items of the specified player.
  • /sf backpack [player]: Gives a portable backpack to the specified player.
  • /sf coords: Shows the coordinates of the nearest Slimefun machine.

Skyblock /skyblocks

Sky blocks is a Minecraft game mode where players start on a floating island in the sky with limited resources. It's a challenging and unique experience that requires creativity and strategy to survive and thrive. In Mystic Empire, Sky blocks includes Slime Fun custom challenges and events to keep the game exciting. Join us and start building your sky empire today!

  • Player Shops
  • Itemshops
  • SFshop
  • Auction house
  • Island with fly!

Creative /creative

Creative is a Minecraft game mode that allows players to build and create freely with unlimited resources. In Mystic Empire Minecraft Server, Creative is enhanced with the powerful World Edit plugin, which provides advanced building tools and commands to make construction easier and faster. With World Edit, players can create massive structures, customize terrain, and edit their builds with ease. Join us and unleash your creativity with World Edit in Mystic Empire's Creative game mode!

  • Free Custom Ranks
  • World Edit /wand
  • Voxel Snipper /vs
  • Go Paint & Go Brush addons
  • Events /warp events
  • Natural World /warp natural
  • Plots /plot claim
  • Become a MysticEmpire Builder

About Mystic Empire

Over 6 years!

Welcome to the mystical world of Mystic Empire, the ultimate Minecraft server! Here, you’ll find a vibrant community of adventurers and builders who are ready to embark on an epic journey with you. Our server offers a range of exciting features including bending, towny, skyblocks, slimefun, and creative!

Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out, there’s something for everyone at Mystic Empire. Master the elements, create your own town, and discover new challenges with our mods. Explore our stunning landscapes, battle fierce foes, and uncover hidden treasures.

At Mystic Empire, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Our friendly and welcoming community is always eager to help you along the way, ensuring that your adventure is nothing short of amazing.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and become part of the adventure of a lifetime!

Mystic Empire

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