Easter EGG Hunt
       ✮ CrateKeys

Search for Eggs in Main at /spawn
Or in Bending at /warp towny

Dont forget to claim your FREE Basket!

Use your tokens for Crate Keys!
/token shop

Crates can be found at /spawn in the MAIN Server
and in /warp towny in the BENDING Server

COMING SOON: CreativeCrates on the /creative server

MAINSERVER: Join us for the DragonEvent Saturdays 9pmEST
This time it will be with a Survival Game TWIST

Players fight against eachother and the dragon to kill the dragon and win its prized EGG

Each player will have the same chance to win
since the game is no longer bring your own items.

Saturdays 9pm EST

With Custom Ranks you have a new objective
Each rank gives you additional permissions and cosmetics

Learn more about this server and these Ranks >>Here<<

Putting a twist on main server with Survival Ranks!
Complete tasks and achievements to obtain the next rank and its perks!

Learn more about the benefits and requirements for each Rank >>Here<<

Learn more about TopVoter Ranks >> Here <<

Vote for Points! POINTS help you BUY things in the Store!
Learn more >> Here <<

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